Meditation: On purpose.

It’s all a quest. It’s different paths; different mindsets getting you there. But it’s all a quest. It’s all questions asked or unasked, active or potential, and the hunt for answers, tracing their shadowy footprints through the dark, leaf-filled ground of the forests. It’s a life-long purpose, searching for identity in a world without, or a sudden hunch on a clear day, tumbling down from the sky to send your heart beating with wonder, to send your legs beating with wander, crisscrossing the infinite map of thoughts left behind and thoughts waving in front of you, always the naïve hope that this time we’ll make sense of it all, always realising, but never accepting, that the only sense we’re offered is the sense we make ourselves. Call it relativistic, call it a lack of universal belief. I see Evil because I call it so. I see Good because I call it so.

What I really see, is movement; is action; is things happening and things not happening. What I do is judge them. What I do, is try to answer the questions they ask me: Is this action fair? and is this a just war? and is any domestication permissible?

That is the role we’re offered, and the role we have to take. We’re part of the powerful action, but our true power lies in the moment we step out and open our eyes to the consequences. We cannot see the marks on the road when we’re at the wheel. We cannot see the hole in the hearts when we’re sat at the front of the bomb. We must listen to the begging voice, emanating from our minds, to comprehend, to cast new light on the world around us. To always answer the questions better. We must read, and make ourselves read by those who come after. We must listen to the answers already given so that we might learn from them. Mankind’s question has not changed. Only the answers do.

We’re always trying to find ourselves; always learning to live with others; always creating meaning in a meaningless world. We’re taught that from the highest peak is the darkest abyss, and those who dare wander so high will someday fall into the void, devoid of all their gains. But those gains are never shy of worth, for the person who reaches them will be forever a better soul from it, and the persons learning about these gains will themselves be inspired to reach higher, to strive to see the world in a clearer light.

But these gains demand of us that we listen to the questions and put our life at stake when we try to answer them. No question is answered if you’re not willing to bet your life on it. And often we’re not. Most of the time we don’t know the answer so well. We’re rarely that intimate with truth. That’s why we need to get better. That’s the answer to why we need to keep looking.


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