No words.

You’re the only one who thieves away my words before I even begin to look for them, leaving this emptiness when I want to impress with the right words to express the beating of my heart when your eyes cause my body to react to life like a movie or a big silly love song that just keeps growing, growing, grown always a size too small compared to my dreams my wishes for eternities but of course who can, who could ever escape time for more than a fleeting moment in your arms when the Earth keeps pulling with its big sad gravity, sad down-to-earth attitude to skinny levitating loves pining for the sunny side of clouds, wanting forever to be a jumping mess high above all the people who are high above everything, being masters of snow and rain, angels and buckets of it holding hand-in-hand on the handles because we’ve finally got a handle on life, if only I could find the words a sentence anything a letter even, just an a or a y, or a u and i, these big dreams, silly ideas I keep returning to, the lake scene, the tent, the crowd, keep wondering if they happened or maybe I just imagined them as I imagine every little detail around those pictures, the sound, the smell, the taste of lips on lips on lips, I found your old scent again today blowing in the wind when I walked along the parked busses, coming from a girl in front of me–thought for a moment, but she was nothing like you, and your scent is not like that anymore, you’re so different now, we’re all so different, and only the memories stay the same, but do they really? or are they changed along with us, leaving in dust what we ourselves have shed from our lives, or are they that one thing that remains, the hopes of a younger generation along with embarrassments and complications and wonders, oh the wonders of a new feeling, a new sound, new albums always shaking us, making us see the world anew through the eyes of Brooklyn, so far away and yet resting deep inside our minds as if we were the ones who had lived all those lives not so much older than us, and yet wiser, everyone’s always wiser because we only notice the things they know that we don’t, never all the things we know that they don’t and vice versa, it’s the great deception of this world, this masquerade ball of a planet, it’s the same thing over and over and over again.


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