Future scene from the past.

It looked to him as if she had been running wild all night. Dancing in the streets, he thought, as he looked at her standing in the doorway of his room. There was the sound of Desire playing, echoing from wall to wall, as seemed always to be the case when their energies met. “Energies.” He contemplated the nuances of that word. She was the nearest he had been to contact with electricity since age four, when he had unscrewed the light bulb from a lamp in his parents bedroom and chosen instead to insert his finger. His only recollection of the event came from the countless retellings his father had offered him through the years, “You were quiet as night for 5 seconds. Then all hell broke loose.” He considered himself a bright kid regardless – or perhaps because – of the event. A curious kid who chose not to fear what he did not know. Or maybe that was just rationalization.

He stood up to greet her as she closed the door behind her back, keeping her eyes on him as she turned the door handle and let the gentle click interfere with the music for a blink. “Your mom says hi,” she said, letting him come to her, hands down her sides, her ever-present bag over her left shoulder. “Thanks,” he responded, “I haven’t really left the room all day, I guess.” He reached out for her bag and took it off her shoulder. “Careful, my computer is in there,” she looked at his hand as he handled the bag, more cautious now, putting it down on his beanbag. “Is that safe enough?” he asked, putting his eyes back on hers, moving to take her hands in his. She smiled as he led her into the room, enveloping them in sound from all sides.


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