It sure is windy tonight.

This is the last part. The last stretch home. In a day and a half I’ll be through with this project. All I need to do is man up and get it over with. I’m still some way short of the finished product. I still need to write a 5-page piece about Lewis’s counterfactuals. I ought to have done that by now. But I haven’t. Because I’m me, and doing things ahead of time isn’t me. There’s a lot I want to write about. Here. Now. A lot of things that have nothing to do with my bachelor thesis. There are so many things in my head that I have a hard time even focusing on one of them. Mostly though, my thoughts center around her. And about seeing her tomorrow. It’s incredible how quickly you come to depend on other people to make your everyday life feel normal. We’ve been spending a lot of time together the last couple of months, and the last few weeks especially, compared to what we’ve spent together the first seven years we’ve known each other. I guess sometimes it just takes time. We all grow, and we grow in and out of friendships, relationships, what have you. We grow and we get situated in different places over time. And chance always plays its part. And suddenly you’re hooked. Hooked on a feeling, hooked on a need; on a routine; a hunch; a cup of coffee; a person. I’m most definitely hooked. I love this feeling, I do. But I’d sure wish the world had a better who-loves-who coordination.


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