Galaxy embrace.

The way it stretched – it did, I swear it did, the way it just stretched – on out forever. And I felt so limitless, like the Moon was just beyond, and the arms of the galaxy were my arms, reaching into nowhere, emitting light where only darkness resides, reaching through barbed wire and concrete walls until touching something worth touching. I felt the Universe, and how it all connected, how all this distance is distance only if you don’t see the pathways of the stars guiding you, guiding us around black holes where we only grow younger. And have you seen the clouds dance? Have you seen the nebulae giving birth? Have you felt the cacti sting? Have you felt the moments passing? And did you ever wonder about the earthly delights? The birds singing, the grass growing, the flowers swaying, the nature breathing? Did you ever drive towards nothing but the Sun and the ocean? Did you ever burn up? Did you ever drown? In love?


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