Come on everybody, we can be the good guys even if the bad guys are winning.

Can’t quite tell if it’s well-planned or just plain ironic that I’ve started a course on crisis communication just as I’m finding myself in the deepest crisis of my bachelor so far. This year I’ve left philosophy behind and instead gone full corporate with brand management, consumer behaviour and crisis communication. It’s going to be great fun, but I still have my bachelor assignment in philosophy hanging over my head. And my petitum is due in a week. And I’m not even close to finishing it. And all I can think about is: I really ought to learn how to best use my time. In the future. When all I should be thinking about is: causation, knowledge and the bonds between them.

Today started so well. My first class of the semester was great, and it really bodes well for the next half-year. Then it ended, and I tried to force myself to focus on my big assignment, but a headache stroke me from out of nowhere, leaving me no room to think at all. Then, as soon as my last class of the day started, it left me and my thoughts alone again, and I was free to enjoy yet another new class. Maybe it was just the new-ness to once again being on the bench, getting educated. But I feel like I might somehow be blocking myself. I know I’m prone to do things like that in almost all parts of my life; holding myself back. But I really need to get over it. I really need to pull myself together.

I can’t allow myself to fail simply because it’s that time of the education where I usually fall into a bottomless pit, just to wander around in the dark for the hell of it.

I can feel myself growing increasingly angry with the world. There’s just so much that’s fake or inconsiderate or outright evil. And what can be done to fix it? What can be done when people don’t want it to change? What can be done when people like me, who want it to change, don’t do anything to change it? What can be done when I find marketing more exciting than philosophy? I pledge, however, that I will only use marketing for good causes. Let’s see how long that promise lasts.

Meanwhile I’m killing bugs. I’m tired of those big-ass moths. Why are they just so freaky-looking? So in-your-face? I’m sorry, Mother Nature, but some of your creatures really make no sense. Most of all Homo sapiens.

Back to the fake in the world. Why are everyone standing on each other’s backs to give a poor review of Miley Cyrus’ new album? It seems that over the last couple of years, where she’s gradually broken free from the original marketed image, magazines have called her out as wash-up number one. It just seems too easy. I’m not on some crusade to defend Miley Cyrus, but it really seems like their writing is conformed to some agenda they have set, rather than being actual criticism of the music. Even a (at least formerly) dedicated music magazine like Pitchfork put in the words “borderline unlistenable” in their review of the album. I don’t know how your ears would have to work for this to be borderline unlistenable. It’s pure dream pop with delicate engineering of the sound. It’s music that just sounds really great. Yes, she has a cry/fake cry on Pablow The Blowfish that sounds a bit too cheesy, but does that make the entire album unlistenable?

The first review I came upon that seemed to give the album a fair chance was in New York Times. I strongly believe it to be to the honor of NYT as well as the loss of most other reviewers, that it’s so difficult to find a good review of this album, a review that takes itself and Miley Cyrus seriously. Most of the other reviews sound more like petty bullying. And for what? For her being different from most pop artists, creating music with Wayne Coyne, creating benefits to help LGBTQ youth?

Gosh, I’m tired of the world.

What matters is the art. And the art here is really, really good.

So Karen don’t be sad,
they’re just a bunch of fools
and you can make them powerless,
don’t let them make the rules.

So Karen don’t be sad,
you know the truth is true.

The world can still be beautiful,
that part’s up to you.

So Karen don’t be sad.

So Karen don’t be sad,
don’t let them win.

Don’t let them win.
(Miley Cyrus: “Karen Don’t Be Sad”)

Love life update: nothing new, nothing broken.


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