I wavered slightly as she came towards me, or I towards her, I was confused. My head was exploding or imploding or some other bad thing that felt very terminal. The pain on the inside of my lip as I bit down on it, fighting myself: to speak or not to speak? All up in my head and trying to get outside of it, I stumbled, falling ever so gracelessly over in front of her, into her, knocking her headphones off.
“I’m sorry!”
“What the..?”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fall.”
“Well, no, I hope not. People rarely mean to fall.”
“I, I just..”
“I’ve seen you around.”
“Where? Do we know each other?”
“Well, sorta. We spoke on the train. A couple of months ago.”
“That train ride where we were confused, or, the train was confused, it seemed, if trains can be confused, as to whether we were gonna get all the way home or only halfway. And we spoke, we were in the silent area, but it was just the two of us, so we spoke the whole way. You came from training, I came from Copenhagen, we were both going home. And you were reading a book on English grammar. You had a test the next day! How was it? How did you do?”
“The test? How did I do on the test? Okay, I guess?”
“Sorry… I’m so bad at this.”
“At what?”
“Talking to people…”
“Haha, you were okay to talk to on the train back then?”

Yeah… that was before I knew I liked you.


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