We left.

And so we left and left it all behind. No more talk of politics; right-wing, left-wing, green-wing, black-wing, no more nonsense and no more confusion. No more living in a world not suited for our kind. We left, and so it was just you and I. Just the two of us, that’s all we brought. The two of us and food enough to get us here. Dry biscuits sweetened by the taste of freedom, the taste of breaking away. We share them like we share everything between us. Just like my coat is your coat and your mood is my mood and my kiss is your kiss. We share everything to the degree of almost becoming one. That’s what we set out to do: become one; with each other and with nature. To become one with the world. We were told we were crazy. That’s why we kept our plans so close to our chests. We already knew we were crazy, we didn’t need other people to remind us. We knew we set out to do impossible things. But when your green eyes send a wave of light through the blue of mine, impossibility becomes no more than a risk. And we don’t deserve to live if we’re not prepared to take the risks that are necessary to keep us together – we decided that long ago. We decided that life would be nothing but disappointment and regret if we couldn’t live hand in hand. We decided that life wouldn’t be life if it wasn’t what we dreamed of.

And so we left and left it all behind. But faraway islands are inhabited now. We need to leave this place in time altogether. There are too many people on the planet now. There is not enough room to break free. Once man was able to declare a war a world war, it was over, and it has only gotten worse ever since. What we need is a time machine. But how do you build a time machine that goes any other way than forward? If anyone could move backwards, it ought to be us. We live in the past, you say. We always have. But I only see us living seven years behind the now. I only see us living back when we first met. You see us living in every time. You see us traveling. So I take your hand and I close my eyes and I cross my fingers and I wish and I wish that yes, you are magical.

And so we left and left it all behind. And we have no idea what time it is. The sun has just risen; we must be somewhere between the beginning of the universe and its end. You nod to this observation. I always point out the obvious and you always nod. It’s our system of sanity; this is how we keep check on ourselves and each other; how we make sure we’re the same kind of crazy. We have no idea what time it is and no idea where we are. This looks like nowhere either of us has ever been. That’s a good ting. That means we’re getting somewhere, or that our memories have stopped working – which is the same.

We left and left it all behind. The trees are so big here. The trunks the size of houses, the crowns the width of cities. It’s all green, unspoiled. It’s nature at its cleanest. Just wind and dirt and sunlight and water. Just atoms, like you and I. We’re all one big world, just oddly shaped chunks of it moving about. We feel it here. We feel the nature welcoming us like a brother you haven’t seen for ages. We feel the earth grow warmer beneath our feet, we see the lonely cloudless sky smile its sunny smile at us; friends again. We feel the optimism with which nature once greeted the human. We feel the promise of a great time to come, and we feel the mutual responsibility: just as the trees won’t hurt us, we won’t hurt them. We’ll just be and be loving.


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