A week off was definitely what I needed. I can feel the effect already. My thoughts are much clearer, they are more “mine”. I can direct them down whatever path I want to, whereas they had their own life altogether just a couple of days ago. Now I am able to find peace inside my head if that’s what I feel like. I can hear music again. I couldn’t hear music. I really couldn’t. First of all I couldn’t really let myself enjoy it, because it had to compete with all the other thoughts. And secondly I felt like I was wasting my time whenever I wasn’t reading. I’m glad I realized what I was doing before I crashed completely. I’ve never driven myself this hard before, and it showed that I need to find a lower gear. I need to take my time; make sure I listen to music every day. Otherwise I won’t relax properly.

My mind is still very much fixed on you. But then again, it always is, whoever “you” are. I just need to get back to using it productively. I see it’s not going to happen, this me and you turning into an us. So I just need to keep things as they are. Try only to get rattled so as to write some kick-ass poetry about it.

There’s just something about getting a new pair of headphones. You hear new sounds in your music every time it happens. These last few days I’ve been amazed at just how good Dirty Projectors’ Flourescent Half Dome sounds. Especially the first time the drums kick in. I’ve never had headphones with this great sound quality before. It’s just… wow. Try it yourself: Flourescent Half Dome. Headphones. Volume: max. Enjoy.

Månen set i dine øjne.
Månen set i tusinde øjne
i kikkerter
og koøjer
ser den ud
som om den hænger
fast i tæppet.
Hvem trak det egentlig for
og sluttede dagens akt
bedst som det var
begyndt at fascinere?

Okay, maybe I still need a bit of work. My mind has been racing off to all kinds of things instead of focussing on this post. So it’s very half-assed. I’ll do better next time.


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