Zick? No.

Well, I guess I’d better get this over with. Obviously it has become something I need to do: blog before writing an assignment. I recall it being like this last year as well, but I never thought it would last till the other side of summer. Oh well, I guess not all things are meant to be changed. I started wondering why I just couldn’t get myself started on this assignment. Was it because I’m starting so far ahead of the deadline? No. I think I’m past that by now. I relish a good deadline-sprint, but I’m more than capable of getting things done prior to it now. Was it because the assignment didn’t interest me? No, I think it’s a great assignment, and I loved reading for it, preparing myself to get started writing it. So I concluded: it was because I hadn’t made a blog post. Which I’m doing now.

I don’t know what it is about it that makes me get started. Maybe it’s simply just a matter of warming up my hands, getting a feel for the keyboard. Maybe it’s a matter of clearing my head. Getting rid of all the thoughts that were blocking me from getting started. Perhaps it’s something completely different, like my roommate being around, and my not-being-able-to-concentrate on writing when she’s here. But then again; I’m concentrating right now, and she’s right there. 3 feet across from me.

I would love to at least make this blog post count, now that I have started it. Let me speak some of my thoughts on the “now,” the “present.” It dawned on me the other day that the now is privileged. It is only when I realize I am living “now” that I feel truly happy.

… and I can’t seem to get through that barrier today. I dreamt of you tonight. And maybe that is what’s causing me to act in this way today.

Og du var dér
nedenunder himlen
i pomp og pragt og
som kun du kan bære den.

Og jeg ville ønske
jeg ikke var døv.
Og jeg ville ønske
du ikke var stum.

(I hvide rum
rammer ingen pile,
så Eros måtte trække sit sværd.

Og jeg ville ønske
jeg ikke blødte
hvis du ikke bløder.)


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