Out of This World.

Warning: I’m under the influence of Red Bull and love.

Oh I love,
Oh I love,
Oh I love what you do to my head
When you pull me upstairs
And you push me to bed
Oh I love what you do to my head
It’s a mess up there

(The Cure: “The Only One”) it’s been some time since I have quoted lyrics. Even longer since I quoted lyrics from a love song. I have been focussing a lot on my own writing the last year, but sometimes you’re hit so hard by a feeling that you just can’t think straight enough to even write down your own sweet words anymore. I succeeded earlier, but they’re in Danish and that was before the Red Bull.

I spent the weekend with a girl I fell pretty hard for four years ago but hadn’t seen for the last three. It’s amazing the kind of bond you can have with some people. I got off the train. She was finally standing in front of me again. But after the initial the amazement of seeing her and hugging her like she’d been to war, everything just sort of went back to the way things were. It felt like we hadn’t been apart for a day. We had a very heavy but quickly-come-quickly-gone flirt three years ago before she moved to Germany for a while and then to a different part of Denmark when she came back. We peaked – and never saw each other again, until now. But it was as if we just entered right back into that peak. The flirting was back on, instantly. As I told her: I came there hoping to still find we had a spark, but much more than that it turned out to be a full, warm bonfire of loving emotions.

Time just flies by in different tempi in every relation in life. With some persons time stands still when you’re not physically connected to them. With others time speeds up every time you’re out of each other’s reach, and you grow apart as fast as you grew together.

We both agreed that it would be silly to end up a couple, living so far away from each other. There’s nothing weird about that thought, it really would be silly. The weird thing is that it came up even before our first kiss of the weekend. We could feel the tension, the bonding right away. We knew this wouldn’t just be some regular friend-visits-friend visit. There was more at stake. Way more, and it had to be dealt with at the off.

When the agreement was in place (of course we won’t become a couple) love just started flowing from everywhere. It seemed every little thing that happened, every word spoken, every gesture made, was a hint of affection. And everything was understood as such. Saturday turned into the most wonderful lovers-reunited day, and Sunday was spent walking around her new town, making all people and birds aware that just because we weren’t a couple, we could damn well act like it if that was what we felt like. And that was exactly what we felt like: Letting the world know that there was a new hot thing going on.

Now, a few days on, I’m back home again. An ocean away from her. We ended the weekend talking about our agreement, and there were no weak spots to be found. But now the cracks start to show. We have always had a knack for the puppy kind of love, and it has only increased this time around. We can make the other fall in love with the simplest of sentences. We know each other’s soft spots, and we go right at them. It’s relentlessly delightful. Our minds just work so well together. We draw inspiration from each other like I’ve never experienced with any other person. Normally I find it hard to talk, but she brings the words out of me.

I just really like her.

I don’t know if we are going to break our agreement or keep it. But I know I had the most wonderful weekend I’ve had for quite some time. And that counts for something, no matter what happens.

We’re the 42 %, darling.


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