Hi outer space.

There’s just something about different music that gets the mind flowing. I’m currently listening to Maroma by Pasatono Orquesta, some Mexican circus music. That’s the beauty of music, and the modern world. In no time your day can change because you hear something you have never heard before. Something that is so different from your normal music routine, that you can’t help but notice it. Can’t help but be drawn in. The closest thing I can come to ever having heard anything remotely resembling to this is probably Beirut. And that’s saying something. It has this amazing, sad summer feel to it. It’s the sound of summer ending, or of a cloudy day in mid-July. Most of all it’s the sound of the amazing world you can meet at Roskilde. And I’m wearing a deodorant I usually wear at Roskilde, so I’m really taken back right now. And I really don’t have time for daydreaming about Roskilde, but when Roskilde comes knocking you always let it in. If you can get that feeling at any other time of the year than at Roskilde, you gladly take it. There’s just never enough of Roskilde.

I’m moving to Copenhagen these days, moving in with Rikke. I’m so glad. I can really feel that this is the right thing for me. I can feel that we’re going to have the best time. There’s just something about the way we work together that is so well crafted for living together. We have all the same ideas about how the apartment should look. Our daily routines fit very well together. We both enjoy company, but also crave our own personal space. Though I need much less personal space when I’m around her. I’ve just always felt really at home with her. It’s almost as if she is my personal space. I’m really looking forward to these coming weeks. We’ll be like rockets taking off in slow-motion ambience.

Find mine fingre
dybt begravede i jorden
neglene sorte
og ikke af neglelak
find mig siddende
marken ligner stadig sig selv
uden dig her
kommer fuglene ikke længere
jeg har ikke brød med
jeg tog ikke vand med
gemt i kornene
du var aldrig høj nok
gemt når jeg dukker mig
det er her jeg går ud
når du skuffer mig

That poem is in no way resembling my mood right now.. sometimes words just form their own reality. I love stories. All my books are in Copenhagen. And I’m not. Not until Monday. I miss my books. My summer break has just started. I only have two exams, so there’s plenty of time to read. God I miss just getting lost inside a book. It’s been a while. I haven’t wanted to start on a book whilst moving. But I just bought a couple the other day. Man, I really crave some Kerouac right now. I think I will read Dharma Bums aloud for Rikke during the summer. She’ll love it.


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