200 word poem.

Night is almost over
the light is coming back in a minute
we will need to take cover
hide in the tent
The lake is so still
despite the fish
they are probably sleeping
just as we all ought to
but we won’t leave
there’s more for us here
this place hasn’t given us its all
and we want it all
This great society in the dark
created by a need
who will watch out
if we all go to sleep
who will stay up
if one leaves the group
We can still hear the others
beating the others
in the games they’ve invented
just to have something to win at
when they can’t win at life
Our ragged clothes bind us together
we were outcasts once
those days are gone
we found the lake
I tighten my grip on your hand
watch the reactions
feel my other hand squeezed
We’re safe as we stand here
united against nothing
with nothing to fear anymore
We’re safe as we stand here
and the Sun is coming up now
blinding us from behind the hill
it feels divine to stand here
having our faces marked
our eyes squinting
the air is fresh


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