Come on, let’s be happy.

My mood goes from zero to sixty in no time these days. Today started with me receiving Darkside’s Psychic album in the mail during the morning, and me listening to it before heading to school. On my way I listened to Hookworms’ Pearl Mystic because it seemed to fit in very well with the Sun of spring that had chosen to show up today. In the train I met a girl I haven’t seen since summer. I had thought of her a couple of days ago, but didn’t think more of it at the time, than just me yearning for summer. I had forgotten what power lies in her eyes. We sat talking the entire trip, and I disappeared completely in her eyes. They are so warm. They are the kind of color that is at the same time both no color and every color. Eyes you get lost in, but to a place where you want to stay lost. It was practically just one long gaze into each others eyes, until, when speaking of her home, she mentioned her boyfriend. I had never heard of him before. Always slightly expected there to be one, for those eyes cannot go long without any takers, but never heard of one. When she mentioned him, it was as if she was at once reminded of him, and forced to think about how she acted around me. Our eyes only met occasionally from then on, though we still talked and talked. I was just reminded of one of the reasons why I played so much basketball in the summer. She really has a special face, those dreamy eyes, a little gap between her teeth like me, wide lips, a face that speaks both of experience and youth, of adventures and quiet nights. I’m clearly back to my normal ways of falling head over heels for every girl who ticks some of my boxes. But this girl is sumptin. We got to Odense and she was going to the academy for arts, I was going to the university, so our ways had to split. The Sun was still out, so the day kept on being pretty good, even if I knew it had topped already. Being at the university is always good for me. I’ve really begun to feel at home there now. I enjoy the people there, I enjoy walking through the halls. So that’s not what did me wrong. What did me wrong was my ride home. And it’s silly, really, but what got me down was that there weren’t anyone on the bus that I found beautiful. I really like to look at the people around me, take them in. Sometimes I get so caught up in beauty that I just sit and look at a person for minutes, trying to remember their every detail. So when there’s no one around, not even anyone beautifully weird-looking, that can really take its toll on me. And ever since that bus ride my mood has been pretty bad. Not like irritated or anything, but all the goodness that filled me earlier, the hope for the World, the joy of staring into some of the most beautiful eyes this World has to offer, that goodness has just left me. Now there’s only me and my memories of the great start to this day. What I’m trying to do here is remind myself of what I felt no more than 10 hours ago. Come on, let’s be happy.


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