Great echo maker.

Wow, suddenly a while went by without a blog post. It’s been a hectic December this year. Hectic in the best of ways. There’s been things to do, places to see, people to know, experiences to be had. The most central thing this December was that I recorded my first ever song, or demo-of-a-song or what you will call it. Just a home recording, but I’m really excited about the result. It showed me that I know how to make a good melody, that I can get some lyrics fitting into a song, and that I actually have a decent singing voice for my own texts. I always knew I was able to make up good melodies, but I never knew I would be able to translate them to a recording with a guitar. Now that insecurity is gone, and I feel such an immense urge to create.

The other big thing happening this December so far, has been getting to know one of my tutors way better. Our tutors are no longer really our tutors, I guess, since we’re now just about through with our first semester. But now we’re at a friend stage instead, which is really great. She is one I’ve wanted to talk more to since the start, and have talked to from time to time, but now – bound together by a little game – we talk daily, and we just click more and more. I really think she can be one of the persons I’m going to spend a lot of time with over the next couple of years. The big question is in what way. We’re a shoe-in for a best-friend award, but at the same time we do have a flirtatious tone. I think for once I’m not jumping head over heels, and I’d like to try to keep it like that. If things happen, they happen. If they don’t, they don’t. For the time being, I’m just glad December is treating me royally.

I guess I’m just not destined to go into emo-mode this year. As I’ve been talking about in the last couple of posts, I’m usually in a hole at this time of year – at least for a couple of weeks. It hasn’t happened. If possible, my mood has raised through the winter. Like my hair. I’ve gone for a wild look most of the December-days. Opinions have been diverse. Some think it looks ridiculous, some think it’s a cool gimmick, and some absolutely love the look (me included).

En tone i livet
er tegn på midten
der finder sit ståsted
i elskendes nærhed

Landet jages
gennem bakker
finder rummene
der lyder ekko
på begge sider
af det støvlefrie
standpunkt vi står

Hvad blev der af
tiden vi fulgte

Vi måler bedrifter
mod bedrifter der
ikke længere
er der

Vi måler op mod
standarden der
starter på ny

I jagten på indlevelse
farer vi vild
farer vi helt vildt vild
og ender på
øde øer
vi kan bosætte med
vores tanker
og den gode start


Griber ud efter
dine angreb
for at foregribe
vor uenighed

Lad os ikke skilles
nu vi endelig
har fundet en
tone i livet.

Earlier this week I was told (for the umpteenth time) to listen to The Microphones’ The Glow pt. 2, and I finally did it. There are those albums that — though you feel like, maybe I really should have listened to this album the first time I was told to do it, because it’s such a majestic record — you don’t really regret not having heard earlier, because you’re now in the perfect place for it. That’s how I feel about this album. It’s so full of quality that I’m sure I would have loved it if I had heard it a year ago, but right now is the Right now. A friend told me to listen to it, because my song reminded him of it. And I see what he means. My song is a very demo-y version of the music here, and that’s why it’s so great for me to hear this album now. I quickly became blinded by my own greatness after I had finished recording the vocal to the song, and I thought I was just about the greatest musician in the World. And I don’t blame myself for thinking that. It’s a very decent song, and you’re allowed to be stoked when you have surprised yourself. But after about a week with the song, I needed to get on. And this album is perfect for getting on. It shows there’s a great big world outside of my own creative mind, and that I need to study that more to gain some extra inspiration. And inspiration is what this album is really about for me. The way the songs are built, the soundscapes, the use of stereo. Everything just comes together. It’s amazing.

A few lines on love: I see it everywhere. I see it in people I don’t know, I see it in the people I know best. I don’t know how to understand it; how to understand the people. There are so many things to misinterpret. So many things I’ve all too often misjudged. But I believe I’m in a state just about ready to experience love. I feel more confident, more relaxed. It’s as if as soon as you’re not looking for it, not trying to hunt it down, it shows up all around you. There’s that thing about “taken people are more attractive” – maybe I appear taken when I’m not looking for love. What am I saying, I’m always looking for love. I just don’t go around with a flashlight this time.

Who’s really asking for you tonight
with a future kept in starry dreams
don’t you wish you could open your eyes
and answer the world

Leave the money on the bedside table
no need to take them with you
using them for ill purposes
putting them on other girls’ bedside tables

Oh the old man smiling
reasons to go on
don’t misread the signs

Oh the night
great echo maker
thundering sounds around

I don’t really know what that’s supposed to be.


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