Hey hey hey.

Can you talk with a low voice?
Can you lead yourself?
Is it possible for anyone to know you?
Do you let them?
Can you dance?
Are you creative?
Who’s looking through your window?
Who’s looking back at you?
Where should we go tomorrow?
How do you measure life?
Why do you measure life?
I thought you were listening?
Hey hey hey?
Can we agree?
Can I ever be free?
Will you please just hold me?
Don’t just let me be.

My home has left me dead awake
It’s so far away
The cats stared at me crazy
Could do nothing but answer:
Yes, I am your friend
and your foe
I am both deer and doe
They took me in
Took me to be of their kin
Baptized me in the ocean
And they laughed –
I understood:
I was comedy in their eyes
Shining in the dark.

Taking me back to simpler days
your eyes on me
as your hands
entangled in mine
your sly smile
knowing smile
can never keep a secret from you
not that I want to
play me your sad music
with your little wiggly ears
let me hear your poem
from your shoes of decay
shine on me
the dust of a thousand summers
clusters of miniature planets
all in a handful
we control our destinies
with our hands entwined.

Can you count the days
you’ve been in love?
Tear them out of your calendar!
Save them in a better place,
like they were.

Efterlad mig intet andet
end lyset du bragte mig
for uden det
kan jeg ikke længere se
ikke længere finde hverken
frem eller tilbage
eller rundt i mit hoved
Du har lagt fælder
der brænder med hvert
du siger det er
varmt for enhver
men jeg kender ikke din
kun min egen simple
der stiger op fra neden af
og placerer sig midt i
brystet – fordi min krop
er en kliché
så slidt og brugt
af sjælens tugt
Efterlad mig intet andet
end lyset du bragte mig
der skal vise sig
at vise sig brugbart for mig
så jeg ikke støder ind i dig
når jeg prøver at glemme
hvorfor jeg skulle væk
fra din forsvinden

Dry your eyes
from all the red
mixing your black
in your pink
Dry your eyes
before you drown
yourself in salt
Dry your eyes
now I see you
seeing me through
deep deep waters
Dry your eyes
as your day
comes to a close
wets your clothes
Dry your eyes
they’re contagious.


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