I moved in, they came just too soon.

I think this will be my new ritual: writing a blog post whenever I’m supposed to write an assignment. Procrastination for the win!

We were on our ‘team building’ trip last week. It was great fun! We were at what can best be described as the western-most point of Denmark. All sand, hills and ocean. A great place for a trip like that. There really wasn’t anything to do but hang out with your new friends, and I really feel like we bonded further on the trip. Of course, you spend more time with some than others, but in general I feel like I’ve gotten a better idea of who everyone is.

There were some special highlights. Firstly, the first night the tutors had literally just said: you should probably take it easy tonight – and we were off to the races. Shots going down like soda (oh drinking games running out of control). They kept telling us we were gonna die that night, but hey we’re still standing. And only one dragon showed up during the night. The shots eventually led us to the ocean. And knowing me (which I believe I do), bathing isn’t the first thing that comes to my mind when I see an ocean. But nevertheless, I had my first skinny dipping that night, and the water felt great. I don’t know why I’ve lost my interest in water. I used to love it some 7-8 years back. And that night it all came back to me. I just have some fear for animals in water. Which the nightswimming solved. I couldn’t see if there was anything in the water. And the beaches on the west coast are generally really nice. So I spent some good time in the water before finally returning to shore, and going back to our houses; back to bed.

Next day I was supposed to be on the crew that made lunch for everyone, but lunch being such a light meal, the tutors had decided that they made the lunch and my crew would have to make a cover of a song on kitchen equipment instead. The catch being that the other groups had to be able to guess what song it was in order for us to get our points (there was a running contest between the groups). People in my group were all like “something easy. safri-duo or something” which I guess is cool, but I just couldn’t get myself to take a fun challenge such as this and go half-assed on it, so I eventually convinced them that we should play Get Lucky. It took just about two hours to teach the others what they were supposed to play (I was apparently the only slightly rhythmic person in the group) while going around listening to the song, trying to dissect how I could turn guitar and bas lines into beats. And finally I would play the vocals on a fire extinguisher (by playing on it with knives – it just had a really nice *clong* to it).

The evening came about and we made ourselves ready for the ‘concert’. I put on my blanket-poncho from Roskilde. I thought it looked very artistic (it did). I introduced the band. Counted them in and of course, as the drums (beating on the bottom of a pot, the second entry in the song) they missed the beat, so I had to stop them all. We got a great response from the audience though. They seemed to like my perfectionism. I explained that I had seen Kevin Shields start a song over 4 times before he was pleased-enough earlier in the year, so this might take a while. More laughs. We tried again, and once more the drums came in a bit out of rhythm. I shook my head. More laughs. But let it go. This couldn’t go on the entire night. So I counted in the bass beat (a box being hit with some big tool), and finally settled at my fire extinguisher. I have to admit, from when I began to when I finished, I didn’t hear much. I was very *in the zone*. But eventually I reached the end of the chorus. I stopped and stopped the others. We were done. We were no longer nervous. And the crowd gave us a great big ovation! People guessed that it was Get Lucky. So we succeeded.

I went *backstage* and Line came out all smiley-faced, as she always is, high-fiving and saying how awesome it was, how cool I was, how great it sounded. She’s good. No, she’s great. She’s really great. Definitely my favorite of the bunch. And it went on like that throughout the evening. Suddenly I had become the musical wunderkind in philosophy. I’ll be honest here: I really don’t have a problem with that tag.

The night went on, our second and last night there, and eventually we went down to the water again. This time it was only my tutor and I who jumped in the water. In all fairness it must be mentioned that it was quite a bit more windy on this second night than on the first, but nevertheless was it extremely nice to bathe in the ocean once more. In all likelihood the last time this year. So I enjoyed it just a bit extra for that fact only. Back to the house, take a hot shower, and when I came out Line was coming in to go to bed (only girl in a 6-guy room). I was actually planning on going back out to the others, but this changed my mind. I don’t know what it is, but whenever I can get one-on-one time with her it’s as if the rest of the world matters just a bit less. I remember we laughed a lot. Her in her bed. Me on a chair beside her. I tried the goofiest move ever while moving in to sit in her bed, and – I don’t know if it was the alcohol or whatever – but it seemed to work, if only slightly. And of course, just then, looking in her eyes, the other guys came back. I told them “man, I was just trying to score Line!” Line said “and it was working” but I can’t be mad at them. Of course I can’t, they couldn’t have known. And it was probably for the best that it stopped where it did.

We all got ready to go to bed, me always finding myself on the chair in the middle of the room every other minute. Eventually, everyone in their bunks, me still on the chair, it was made clear that since I was on a chair in the middle of the room with a bunch of drunk kids in the bunks around me, I had to tell them a good night story. I picked up our book for history of philosophy and began reading. They were genuinely amazed at my English accent. So, yay another ego-boost for the showman of the day. Most of the time I try to stay behind, stay out of focus, but I like being the centre of attention on occasion, when I’m doing things I know I’m good at around people I trust. And sitting on that chair surrounded by the people I’ve grown to care most for over these last couple of weeks, I felt as safe as I’ve felt for quite some time. It was a good trip.


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