My first procrastination (in two years).

Got my first assignment, due on Monday, today. I read it, it seemed pretty straight-forward, and I instantly went online in search for something else to do. I thought I was better than this now. I thought I had finally learned that I need to start doing my papers when they open, instead of just before they close. I thought this was a skill I finally possessed. I guess I was wrong.

These past couple of days have been really good. The days at campus have been pleasant, and the hours after have been really nice. Especially Tuesday. I walked into town after class, and just as I was headed for the train station to go to Svendborg and see if my friend was at work, there she was, right ahead of me in the street. “You’re just the person I need!” she said, and off we went. Looking for a present for her ex boyfriend/now friend/my friend/call it what you want. It always amazes me how we just hit it off, which is weird since we always “hit it off” even back before we had said a word to each other. I had just sort of forgot about her for a period, before she suddenly reentered my life, and in a much more fulfilling way.

We got some super tasty cakes from Lagkagehuset. I knew she had a sweet tooth, but I didn’t know we were so alike in the cake-craving department. That’s the funny thing about us thindividuals; you never know what hides beneath our skinny appearance. She had on this original firefighter jacket, god she’s just so cool. I don’t understand how she can just make everything work. Her Dr. Martens, her skinny-skinny black jeans, her plain white t-shirt, her firefighter jacket, her really boyish short hair and her John Lennon-ish sunglasses. Maybe it’s just because I’m always blinded by her beauty that it works, but I really think she’s a visual genius.

We just had a blast all day, and I taught her – to the best of my abilities – to become more of a bro. I’m really sad she’s going to California for three months. Though I don’t see her too often, when I do see her she gives me energy resources to get me through weeks. She’s having a combined birthday/good-bye party on Saturday, and I feel pretty special having been invited. Other than me it’s primarily just her family and her ex boyfriend/now friend/my friend/call it what you want. I have a pretty good present in the making that I hope she will like. It’s perhaps a bit obvious given the things we talked about on Tuesday and the fact that she’s going to America, but I think she’ll like it. I’ll give it some personal touches, and hope to god no one else gives her the same present. I’ll just have to make mine the best.

Now I’m even procrastinating from finishing this post. Okay, dinner in a bit and then I will hit the assignment dead-on!


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