Tomorrow and the days before.

First week of my new study is almost at an end, only Friday to go. It’s been one of those weeks that have seemed both extremely tiring yet really exciting. It’s gone by super fast, but still I feel like it’s been a month rather than a week. I guess I’m just not used to sitting down listening to people talk no more. It’s all about getting used to it again.

As always when I start something new, my sociophobia was acting up like crazy the first day. But only until the last part of the bus ride to the University, when I noticed a girl who developed more and more ticks as we got closer. It was as if the mere realization that other people had the same anxiety as I just removed all the pressure. I’m not saying I became the social center of the class, I most definitely did not, but I didn’t have any problems whatsoever with fitting in to the groups.

We played some games that people later complained a bit about because they were boring. Admitted, they didn’t bring a big thrill, but for people like me they worked just right. They forced everyone to talk to the others, and – if not anything else – just give you a feeling you had said a few words to everyone around you. There was no longer that invisible barrier. I know it helped me a lot later in the day when we were walking into town. I had the courage to talk to the persons I wanted to talk to, which is usually my problem.

It has already put me pretty comfortably in a group with people who seem rather like-minded in many things. Come to think of it, it’s the same group I always end up in. The smart kids who like music, movies, books, and like to discuss these things. As well as having fun, just sitting around enjoying the day. Circle people. We always sit in circles.

Tomorrow the intro-days end with a party. I’m pretty stoked about it, I think most people are. I don’t think it will be anything wild – judging from how we have handled “parties” so far – but just nice and cosy, great atmosphere. One of the best things about this study is that it seems like everyone is accepted into groups. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been accepted into a group so quickly like in HS, but I don’t really see anyone walking around looking lonely.

And yes, of course I’ve already been hit by my first crush. I always do. I can’t help it. I’m a crushed soul. And, as so often, she has a boyfriend. But she’s really tomboyish and cool, one of the guys, so I think we can become pretty good friends. I’m here to study, after all.


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