How can it escape?

I’m probably breaking all rules on blogging by blogging just about daily, but I can’t help it. I just want to let some words out through my fingers these days, and seeing as they’re not really related to anything – at least not when I start out – the blog seems like a nice place to dump them.

I’ve finally moved most of my cd collection to my new computer. It took a while, but at least now it’s done. It seemed like an impossible task, but given my extreme patience (I do credit myself on this skill every now and then) it finally came through. Now, of course, I am just waiting for new music to arrive at my door, as I feel like I always am these days. I’ve become quite a shopaholic. Hopefully that will stop once I start at the university.

Sometimes it feels a bit over the top, always buying new music, when daily I find a couple of old records I had completely forgotten about. Today I found Titus Andronicus’ The Airing of Grievances and Under Byen’s Alt Er Tabt. Two really great records, especially the latter, that I just haven’t noticed for the past half-year or so. But then again, I put on Moderat II and know new records are always worth it.

Went into town today to talk to my favorite friend at the moment. It’s funny what a boost it is for me every time I talk to her. I feel like I’ve accomplished something, really made something out of my day. She has to be what they call a “good influence”. The artsy types always are, but this one in particular. The world has to be about surrounding you with people who make you happy, and she always knows how to put a smile on my face. Just by being there, it comes all by itself.

I really hate that she’s going away.

How can it escape?
Life itself seems to flow
Out and ever onward
Out and ever onward
To greater things!
I, without invitation
How can you escape me?

The mark on the door — the whistling of your bike — the relentless wind — always reasons for leaving — always signs left — I don’t understand — why not clean up? — Why not see to it be done right? — Gazing after the tracks — gazing after the never-ending sky — following from above — a cheetah — a king — a falling tree — a rising field — a you — see me see you — see me see you! — see me see you! — see me see you! — look up — see me see you.


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