Dear friend, I’m starving.

Just to get right to the point: Tame Impala yesterday was AMAZING. Instantly one of my favorite live bands. They seemed to have a sense of sound like I’ve talked about concerning Sigur Rós. They knew how to make noise while still making sure you could hear every little thing going on. And boy was it groovy! The venue being sold out is always pretty neat. I like it when it’s packed. But when the music is so groovy as Tame Impala, you just want a little space to be able to move around and shake your hips. I guess you can’t have it all.

Nevertheless, it was an incredible concert. At one time I was pretty much attacked by a crowd surfer, as in he fell down right behind me – head first. I guess some of the responsibility lies on my shoulders for not noticing him, but hey – he came from behind! Plus, I usually have my eyes closed during concerts. It just makes it easier to focus on the music.

Message is: is Tame Impala coming to a town near you? GO SEE THEM.

Today I woke up in Charlottenlund. That’s a new first for me. Managed to find my way back to Copenhagen (which really wasn’t that big a deal, but seemed extremely out-of-reach to my young suburban mind). I really hoped you would want to get together for a few hours, but you didn’t answer. Well, you answered me just now, about 8 hours after I first texted you, so of course I’m now long gone and back home. I guess maybe you’re angry at me for what I said. That I can’t keep being in love with you, that I can’t keep waiting if you’re never going to make up your mind (yes, the Tame Impala lyrics in the last post were pretty much directed towards this).

You asked if that meant we couldn’t be friends. I said no. But well, maybe you see it differently. I guess I’ll find out in time.

Now, I need some more food! Been starving all day. Even after my great big lunch just as I got in the door.


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