Damage done.

Now I see the damage.

One of my great troubles concerning you right now, is understanding how you can still feel down about your ex. While I can be extremely emotional, I am so in very short periods of time. I tend to get over problems quite easily without really doing anything to get past them. My mind just wanders on.

A realization that came to me while reading another introvert’s blog. That’s what I like about blogging, reading people’s thoughts and how they deal with it. However unique we are, there are so many similarities, so many things we can learn from each other.

I’m trying hard to remind myself that you’re not over it yet, that there’s still pain in it for you. And I really try to be there for you, despite my very poor emphatic skills. Sometimes it seems like you won’t ever get over it, and that’s just an idea that I can’t comprehend, because it’s so different from how my mind works. That’s also why I often move past our differences as soon as the morning after. Things just don’t linger on my mind.

Of course, the only time I was really down for a couple of days was because of you and what you can do to me.

I just want you to feel good again.


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