Music, festival, seafood.

Sometimes I guess you just have to go back to go forward.

I’ve just come back from Roskilde – the best 8 days of the year every year. I was really wondering whether or not it would be fun this year. Almost none of my friends would come, and I would be spending the festival primarily with one friend. If there’s something I know for certain about myself, it’s that I tend to tire of people after a while. And although we started off very well, it happened here. I guess it’s a common thing. If you spend much time with someone, you eventually focus on their negative sides rather than their positive – or turn their positive sides into negatives, because you’ve just grown too used to them. For instance, this friend likes to talk a lot, and he always has something new to tell. It’s a great trait if you’ve just met him, because there’s never that awkward silence. But now… it’s just become tiring. We won’t be seeing each other for a few weeks, and he’s moved to Copenhagen, so we’ll see less of each other in general. I think that’s good. Recharge our batteries for when we’re going to make music together.

Other than that, this year was every bit as amazing as it always is. There was sooooo much great music. It only really dawns on you just how much music there is when you’re there and have to plan out what concerts to go to each day. I’ll just list my program, for fun.

Monday 1/7

14.30 Schultz & Forever
16.00 So-So Echo

Tuesday 2/7

14.30 Traveling Tribes
16.00 Postiljonen
17.30 Mother Lewinski

Wednesday 3/7

14.30 Kristina Renée
16.00 Lower
17.30 The Woken Trees
19.00 Pää Kii
20.30 Vanligt Folk
22.00 Baby In Vain

Thursday 4/7

18.30 Drenge
20.00 Savages
23.00 Animal Collective
01.00 Ingrid Label

Friday 5/7

15.30 Dead Can Dance
18.30 Of Monster And Men

20.00 Suuns
01.30 Crystal Castles
03.00 Simian Mobile Disco

Saturday 6/7

12.00 Ekkozone
15.00 Matthew E. White

16.00 Efterklang
17.00 Vatican Shadow
19.30 The National
00.00 Sigur Rós

Sunday 7/7

14.30 Flume
15.30 James Blake

16.30 John Grant
18.00 Kid Koala
20.30 Woodlands
22.00 Kraftwerk

Sometimes I think I might have to cut down a bit on the concerts, just to take in the ones I really care about. But then again, the really great experiences lie in the unexpected. Most obvious this year was Woodlands and Schultz & Forever. I didn’t expect amazing things from those two, but they were arguably among the five best concerts I’ve been to all year. They just hit something that seemed very “them” instead of being something another band could have made. That said, though, my all out favorite concert was Sigur Rós. No matter how good those other two, or Animal Collective or Savages or Crystal Castles or John Grant or Matthew E. White were, Sigur Rós are just above as a live band. I don’t understand how they get such a great sound. A lot of bands have great live sound, but few noise-rock bands have that great sound while maintaining such sweet clarity from each instrument. I think many established bands wonder about this as well. And in addition to the sound, they just hit your emotions so right-on, well – they hit me at least.

I have been quite concerned the past half-year of whether or not they would live up to my expectations since seeing them in 2008, when they just blew my young mind wide open. Luckily I wasn’t disappointed at all, and now I feel like I might finally be able to go in some new directions again, ’cause I’ve really been wondering what set them apart? Why haven’t I been able to feel exactly the same at other concerts as at the Sigur Rós gig in ’08? I was afraid I was the one with the problem, that I had lost something in me, but now I feel reassured that it’s just because they’re better than other good bands, and I just have to take other experiences from other concerts.

I already managed to do just that earlier during the festival. I was in the front row, exactly in front of Jehnny Beth’s mic , at Savages and had a rave party there that I don’t usually allow myself to indulge in. It was amazing. The eye contact with Jehnny Beth while screaming out their lyrics. Wow. Just now relieving it. She has such great charisma. Just wow, yeah. I’m taken aback just thinking about it. They had some sound issues at the start, and they all just got so extremely pissed off. But they only took it out on the sound guy and the photographers (“bye-bye”) and just kept enjoying the concert with the audience. I loved that attitude. My god, they’re so rock and roll! Really hope I’ll see them again some day at a venue not much bigger. If not, I can always say I had eye contact with Jehnny Beth while singing along with her during their first Danish concert.

Animal Collective was the concert I was anticipating the most. Been dying to see them since ’09, and have just kept listening to more and more of their earlier stuff, and luckily they played a fair bit of that. In terms of making a coherent concert, and, you know, just turning it all into one big psychedelic experience, Animal Collective are kings. I don’t remember all that much from that concert, ’cause I had a really good spot at the back of the pit, so I could really relax and just take it all in. At some point it was over, and we walked out into the night, and I just knew that I had witnessed something quite extraordinaire.

Another concert I don’t remember much from, where I didn’t even see the band, was Baby In Vain. It was quite similar to when I saw Moderat at Roskilde in 2010 – and mostly so because I was making love in the crowd with the same girl as back then. I love what power that has on you. The concerts just become so hazy. You remember some form of overall sound, some sort of image of your surroundings, but mostly you just remember the feel of the other persons body, their lips, their sounds and what all that did to you. Given the right concert, she’s probably my favorite person to go to concerts with, maybe my favorite person in the world in general. I don’t think we’ll ever have a big romance, but I believe we’ll always be there for each other whenever we need it, or whenever Roskilde comes around. The idea of us not being a possibility just seems too unlikely. I know there are other things I want, another girl I want, but I think maybe she’s my lobster.


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