Post-apocalyptic thought-stream.

Looks like we’ll see at least another Christmas through before the Earth turns itself inside out.

I won’t say I thought this was it, but I was ready for it, as in: I had come to peace with the thought of being apocalypse’d. I even saw it as an adventure. A grand finale, or a great new beginning!

Turned out to be neither.

Well, hopefully that’s not entirely true. I’ve realized I need to do something dramatically different with my life. It can’t be healthy to walk around hoping the apocalypse will hit. I now know I have to set some goals for myself. Something to accomplish. I haven’t had any goals since… sometime that feels like forever ago.

Heidi, as always, set me straight on this matter. I love how supportive she always is, whenever I actually have a good idea. And how honest she is when I’m doing something that causes me to miss out on life. Boy, I still wish she hadn’t moved. Or that someday I will move there, or she will move back, or we’ll both move somewhere new. I think she wishes for that too.

So down this morning.
No apocalypse,
no nothing.

Just another day.

Just more hours to

Humans should always be kept in check. Just on the brink of ‘making it’. Of ‘living the good life’. That’s when we’re best. That’s when we learn to behave ourselves, because our entire future can depend on what ONE person thinks of us. Whenever we make it, whenever we live the good life, we forget the traits that took us to where we are. We don’t forget them because we want to, but because they’re not as essential anymore. And when we live the good life, we get bored. And that’s when stuff gets messy. Cause what do you do when you get bored? Find something to do. And for many people, something to do is equal to messing with others.

If humans could just be contempt with being pleased, or forever be on the brink of living the good life, I think everything would look very different. I think it would be a World I wouldn’t want to see collapse on itself.


I need to become more dedicated with my writing. I’ve made that my goal-for-now. To become a published writer. At least that’s something to aim for, with many ways to get there. All of them circling around whether or not I can stay dedicated. And dedication is something I’ve lacked all my life. I’ve never known how to keep it up. It’s about time I learnt.

Hear me,
good villagers!

I bring you joy,
presents and green!

I can be on the North
Pole, high above you or
in your chimney –
if you don’t like me.

I live in your World,
my World and their World.

After reading so much
about it, I have decided
to write about it.

See my book!

Feel my book!

Smell my book!

And do read it!

Yay the great times! I will sell it at Christmas. For everyone.

Blue Moon,
You saw me standing alone,
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own.

(in this quote performed by magically beautiful Chromatics)


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