Love and Futuredreams.

I write “you” too much. Looking back over older posts, sometimes I can’t even remember who “you” are. “You” has been so many different people. And there’s probably not much I can do about it, or will do about it. It’s so comfortable writing to you, about you, without you ever knowing of it.

I’ve reached out to you. I don’t know what you mean when you say things. You’ve said so many things, without ever following through. And that goes for me as well. We’ve made so many promises we were never going to keep. The hopeless promises has kept us together for so long, and it’s hard to see a way out of it. Unless we can get back to what once was. I wasn’t ready for it at that time. I take full responsibility for things going wrong, for love undone. But I’m ready now. The skeletons have been put to rest, and she’s not likely to ever appear in my life again. The question is whether or not you want to appear again. It sounds like you do, but then again. Land of broken promises.

I’m listening to the Cure again for the first time since summer. Not because I’m depressed. It’s just so good, and fits so well with darkness. And it seems like it’s night 22 hours a day.

You’re just so great. And we’re so great. Especially when it’s just you and me. I don’t know what happens to you when other people are around. Are you trying to show off? Going hyper-energized to let everyone know you’re there 100 percent for everyone? It only makes you seem like someone who only is there to be noticed. You’re the exact opposite of when it’s just you and I. You’re so relaxed, you’re… delightful.. haha.

You know I like you, and I think you still like me.

fellow participants in these the glory days!
These the days of Gold and Sunbeam!
These the days of what is still to be Said,
still to be Done!
Still to be manufactured in a Dream,
screamed in Love!

We gather, for you all know why:
The World is upon us,
is beneath us and is without us!
We have been Summoned,
a group of Selected Few,
to Reestablish the Great Order of

(For too long,
as you will all acknowledge,
has this World been scarred
by Grey nuances.
The immense Lack of Color has,
without the consent of all our
been able to hit out at one’s Mood.

Our Studies have shown Horrifying
Tendencies among the tested Individuals.
Heads bowed, Hands no longer searching,
Feet dragged,
not to mention that our fellow Earthlings
have picked up the Ancient Book, no longer
giving Television their Attention.

Black and White was a step back,
they Felt.

We, the self-pronounced Task Force,
are to put these Studies to
Good use.

Fear not!
We have observed promising Habits
and Results!
1, the overall IQ has Skyrocketed!
2, Individuals are talking to one another!
3, we’re in Jobs!)

Green was once my very favorite Color!
As was Mr Jenkins’! And we are
therefore to first Reestablish the Green
of Spring!
… what do you mean, you don’t
know the Green of Spring?
It’s the Warmest, Clearest, most
Enlightening Green on the face of the

Then Purple,
for Purple is truly a sight to behold
when Executed properly!
I wore it myself on my Sleeve,
the Day of Fall.
(oh, the Fading. The
Horrible Fading)
We will bring it back!
We will make things right!

For have you noticed,
you have not been Kissed in
Years (or so it Feels)!
Your Loved one is no longer
Not even Your own Self seems
that Bright anymore.

This, dear participants,
is down to your new-found Knowledge.
Don’t let it Fool You. You’re
every bit as Lovable and Bright to
both Yourself and Your Loved
one as always!
It’s mind-tricks,
mind-tricks, I tell You!

(Nothing left but Faith,
nothing left but Faith,
nothing left but Faith,
nothing left but Faith)


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