Let’s get out of here.

I’m ready to break free – get away from all this. High School, winter, people who pretend to care. I’ve been living on the slow side of life the last 5-6 months. Slacking at school – got a warning for lack of completed assignments. This post is procrastination from the big written assignment of the year, which I should be working on if I want to graduate.

My problem is, I really don’t feel anything for this. I don’t want to graduate, if it means handing in 20+ meaningless assignments. It’s just plain dumb. Like, I seriously haven’t learned a thing through high school. At best, I’ve kept my level of knowledge – but I even think that’s saying a bit too much. My creativity in writing has dropped 70 %, I’m not nearly as well-spoken as I was before. I’m way more lazy. I spend less time with friends – though I have more (both time and friends).

The assignment is due this Friday. Which means.. I have approximately 34 hours to work on it. And I have yet to start. That’s 34 hours to make a decision: do I want to graduate or not? Simple consequences for both answers. Graduation = write 15-20 pages before deadline. No graduation = find something else to do after the Holidays.

The thing that puts the most pressure on me, is my mum’s expectation of her son being ever so clever and just flying through education with straight A’s. Well, not much fun in that after living on that high a few years. Not for me, anyway. Instead, I’m thinking; why should I do as she pleases, when she’s the one who didn’t let me go to USA for a year? When she’s the one who didn’t let me take my last 2 high school years at a United World College?

I’ll go see the world. Over and out.


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