Skipping school/planning life.

I just can’t be bothered with this.

Final year of high school is so overrated. I’m supposed to like.. want to prepare myself for some great education, that will lead to this fabulous career of big money. I just don’t see it happening. I’ve never liked school. Why should I start liking it now? Why should I suddenly become the homework-doing type of guy? – That has never been me.

People just tend to have expectations to me. It’s so stupid. Because I was gifted with a functioning brain because of my parents and my sister, people assume I want to go and get high grades. They don’t see that I’m fed up with grades. I’ve been the golden boy through the last 10 years, only because of what I was born and raised with.

Don’t call me stupid, just because I don’t want to spend my life working in some lifeless business where money is the success rate. I just want to do something meaningful. I want to live, be happy. I don’t want to waste my life in some stupid office, just because I’ve got the skills it takes. Whatever happened to family? Whatever happened to enjoying each others company while eating?

It’s all just superficial. “Enjoy your youth” – when? When should I ever get the time to do this? When I skip school. When I’m a rotten kid. That’s when I have time to enjoy my youth. Shouldn’t that be a sign to the world, that something is wrong with how people are expected to live? Go to school, get an education, get a job, retire – enjoy your life. But don’t stay for too long, we don’t want you to become a social burden.

second half:

If I had to get a job, I’d want to be a school teacher. Yeah, it doesn’t make sense in my head either. “Going back to school”, just to work. But hopefully I’d be able to make the schooldays just a bit more fun for those kids, than mine were. The only homework would be written assignments, where they’d get to explore their own mind and creativity. I know I wouldn’t be supposed to try to steer the kids in a certain direction – but I’d love it if a couple of them ended up as artists. Painting, writing books, making music, entertaining. Making other people happy. There really is a serious lack of happiness in the world these days.

As a teacher I’d have a decent amount of spare time to spend with my future girlfriend as well, and if I do a great job teaching and the kids at school are happy, I’ll come home a fresh guy everyday. And our life will be one big, great, super-sweet love story. Me and my all-time greatest crush. My ‘alligator’. We’ve said neither of us want kids, because we don’t think we’re up to the responsibility. But together, we’d be the greatest parents on Earth.

And we’d still have our long summer break, spring break, fall break, the holidays, winter break. All. We could travel all across the world. And we would. Like we would watch all the best love movies – because we’ve been postponing that for too long now.

First and foremost, we’ll be happy.


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