Youp – I was there.

Roskilde Festival was sooo nice, so many great memories from those 10 days! All the music, friends, days and nights – everything! Where to start, where to start?

Music: boy oh boy, this part exceeded my expectations by a mile! I knew there would be some great concerts in-between, but I would’ve never imagined how many amazing moments there would come around. First of all the warm-up days with small Scandinavian bands at Pavilion Junior. Eim Ick, Sleep Party People, Chimes & Bells – just to name a few. Good to see so much potential around here.

When the festival truly kicked off, first band I saw (I had a job as a bartender during the festival, but didn’t miss out on too many of the concerts I had planned to attend) was Gorillaz. Quite a few people thought they underachieved… I kinda liked their new, more slow style. And they DID put on a party during the encore. A great concert in my mind. But nowhere near the likes of Dirty Projectors, Baron Criminel and my festival favorite; Beach House. Truly amazing concert they put up. I can’t stop listening to Teen Dream (their latest album). That really is my festival album, the soundtrack to my Roskilde.

Oh, and I have to mention Moderat at 2:45 am the night between Saturday and Sunday. They played so well, it was absolute trance most of the time – which suited me perfectly since I was at the concert with the girl who is now my girlfriend. Yeah, I’m really happy. It’s amazing! She’s the one I’ve been fooling around with a bit over these past months, but had almost given up on. Turns out, she was just afraid that it would ruin our relationship as friends if we did more than friend-stuff. She’s not afraid of that anymore. It was the most memorable night of the entire festival. I almost missed my shift as a bartender in the morning (we sold coffee as well), because we spend the entire night outside in front of the Pavilion stage.

She’s on a trip these next two weeks, though.. that kinda sucks. But I’m used to her being busy. I think it’s an advantage that we’ve been so good friends for years. We know what to expect from each other, how much time we will have with each other, etc. We can only surprise one another in positive ways, I hope.

Sometime next week I’ll take a week-trip to Germany with my dad and sister, so that should kill the time my girlfriend is away. Oh – gotta make sure I get my CD’s in time.. ordered a bunch of albums I’ve been wanting for quite some time. They’d better come in time! Need to have my iPod filled up with them.

How to end this post?

Long time no see, long time no say.
Got little to tell, I don’t say much, but I might.
Something always told me us two would be serious.
I am looking around town, thinking the same as you.

I’m far gone but your long distance call
And your capital letters keep me asking for more.

It’s never been like that, it’s never been like that.

… it’s never been like I know.

(Phoenix: “Long Distance Call”)


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