Tonight’s subject.

Let’s talk about death.

Earlier this evening I heard of a man who suddenly died at 50. I don’t know why, but I never really react when hearing of a death. Whether it’s someone I don’t know or someone close to me, say – family, the same reaction is shown from me: nothing. I hope people can understand, that it’s just my way to express that .. “wow..” .. it’s not because I don’t care, but perhaps I don’t see death as such a tragic event as most others.

Yes, some will probably hate me for saying that death doesn’t seem as horrific to me. Perhaps I just don’t love the world and life as much as I should. I waste a lot of time doing nothing, simply because I believe most things are ridiculously overrated and an even worse waste of time. I’d rather just stay put at home with my music. This I know will give me a good time.

Nothing ever seems to work out for me. Not really. Could be that I have these unrealistic, utopian dreams of how everything should be, that simply can’t come true. But why? Why can’t we all jump around on clouds, playing hacky sack with the stars?

I’ve given up on my education. High School. It’s not hard, more like a bit too easy. It’s just never really caught my attention in order to present itself as interesting. There’s so much stuff I want to do instead of learning about some historic event that happened 274 years ago and only affected the Danes – and even so, just a very little influence. Again, overrated.

I want to travel. All over. I don’t want to own a home as in “house”; the world shall be my home. One day I’ll wake up by the ocean, the next day in a forest. I want to climb mountains without needing to be given permission. I want to live a life as free as possible. But I do need to recharge my iPod every now and then.

First of all, I’ll be going to Roskilde Festival in a few days. Perhaps that can get me started on this great journey of mine. I hope. ‘Cause I really don’t feel like finishing the last year of High School.

Stand outside your door,
I’m watching over you.

You are just a miracle,
and I belong to you.

That’s my point of view.

(CODY: A Crime) And I still have no idea whatsoever on how to get the girl of my dreams… I’ll do that tomorrow. Too much work in that right now, though she is awake. But then again, she hasn’t answered my message from an hour ago. I don’t understand girls and probably never will. Period.

– Needed to get a song quote in. CODY, my newest obsession. Listen to them, they’re amazing.

There is one part of death that I don’t like.

No more music.


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