That’s what I am, or at least there’s quite large potential for me at the moment.

I feel like I know where I’m going, though it’s somewhere else than I expected. I feel like wanting to pull myself together, make something of this. I know who I have feelings for, who I don’t and who I might – if first choice doesn’t work out. That’s good.

Music tells me a lot these days – but for once I listen to the happy, sweet and generally just positive passages in songs, instead of the dark ones. And since I’ve always felt quite controlled by music, this might show me some new way of thinking (for good?).

I know that I have to make certain decisions in the coming weeks and months. All concerning my tomorrow, rather than my yesterday. The latter is the one I’ve been dealing with for the last year or two; never really thinking about what I could do today or tomorrow, but just going over what I did yesterday; what I didn’t do.

Bitzie’s thoughts have a good chance of seeming a lot happier for the coming weeks.

I like where I’m going.

Though it’s somewhere else than I expected.


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