Stranger than fiction.

moi Caprice rip-off, I know.

My thoughts wander from bright to dark in no time these days. Some people have an extremely positive effect on me at one time, and then the worst a minute later. They don’t have to do anything in particular, it can just be because of a certain song coming up on my ipod. When I get all moody, people start to get irritated. Which gets me irritated – ultimately ruining my entire day.

I tend to talk a lot about the dark side of things…

The good part is that I’m very outgoing at the moment, and have been for the past few weeks. I talk to whoever might enter my domain (sorry, had to make a Lord of the Rings reference). I’ve even started talking to this new girl.. she seems absolutely perfect. Really – if you look at everything separately, there’s none better than her, I’m sure. Problem is, she’s not divided up in little categories, say; music, movies, taking walks, talking about dreams. She’s all that in one person, and that just seems a tiny bit too perfect. I usually go for girls who are much like her, but have an area or two where we don’t quite seem to be alike. That’s what attracts me; girls who have a rather funny thing to them, that I haven’t seen before.

With this new girl… seems as if I know all of her, in just two weeks. We’re too alike. It won’t work.

To that, the other day I found out that I can’t shake off the crush I have on my long time hope-to-be-girlfriend (as usual, see Iceland(ic)-post). She has a boyfriend for the time being. It’s okay, she’s too far away for me to act right now. But how I hope I get my chance at some point.. I really do.

I also quite fancy this girl at my school whose eyes constantly catch mine, vice-versa. We haven’t ever spoken to one another, but I feel like something’s definitely there. I just really like the chase, and the joy it brings me whenever we see each other in the hallway. That – and when girl from stanza above this says something sweet to me – is when I feel happiness flow all around me. – knowing very well that I won’t get into the centre of this happiness, but only scratch the outline.

I think that’s strange.

It’s stranger than fiction and strangely untold:
The people who leave you will never grow old.
There are things that I said,
which I should much rather do,
but part of me clutches to people like you.
If love were just measured in ampere and ohm,
would you turn the sleigh and come racing straight home?
Is there still hope that there’s still hope?
Yes, there is still hope that there is still hope,

I hope.

(moi Caprice: “Stranger than Fiction”)


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