Late night thoughts.

I could be at a party right now, but since I’ve just come off the flu, I think it’s better to stay at home. Enjoying a bit of music, a glass of water and just the dim light in my room. This is nice. Better than a large-crowded party. At least for now it is. It’s hyggeligt, as we say here in Denmark (cosy is the closest you come to a word of the same meaning in English).

Now, what would be a nice thing to write about tonight? I could write about crushes on girls.. done that. I could write about music.. done that. Could write about random stuff.. done that. Perhaps I don’t really need to write anything at all at this time. Normally it’s kind of a therapy process for me, this blogging. I guess I’m just too happy at the moment.

Nothing is wrong. Nothing is ever wrong, I know that. It’s just a mind trick whenever I feel down. I live a good life. I’ve got what I need. I have tons of friends, who – after my 4 day absence – were glad to see me in school again. They had missed me, what more can you ask for? Gave me a fresh portion of energy. Lovely.

Haven’t talked to my crush the past week.. she’s been spending the days in a town far away. I miss her. Really need to see her again during the weekend. Tomorrow, perhaps. If she’s back home again, don’t even know that for sure. I hope she is. She’s so sweet.

Great, now all my thoughts concentrate on her. Oh well, thinking of her makes me smile. That’s good.

I’m looking forward to something I don’t know what is. Always dreaming about it, though not knowing how to achieve it. I suppose it’s somewhat based on freedom, traveling, being with 1 or 2 friends, a lot of music and a lot of beautiful nature and sunshine. Alright, I’ve got a pretty good idea what it is I want. I know I want it now aswell. My best friends both want to go with me, just not now. School. Heck, I’m in school too. That’s the point of the journey. Freeing yourself from the standards of society (don’t get me started on society!). Hopefully we’ll say our goodbyes in a year or so, and then just head South, East, West, North. Whichever way our legs might lead us. Just away – towards new experiences.

Christmas is coming up. As mentioned, I’m not a Christian, but I do believe in Christmas, nonetheless. It’s all hygge (cosiness) and great food. Presents aswell. Just pure joy. More of that. I envy Aussies. Christmas on a warm beach. Sure, it was nice back when we could enjoy a white Christmas every year. That’s just not happening no more. If we’re lucky, we get a snowflake or two during the evening. Otherwise it’s pretty much just cold. Would be nice to try the warm Christmas – hey, I’ll get to experience that when my friend(s) and I take on the world on our Great World Adventure. I hope.

That’s pretty much what I do at night. I hope. I’m a dreamer. I dream that the music I’m listening to will turn into a concert, right here in my room. Just a small, intimate concert. Please. Either that, or my crush knocking on my door. Or my friends giving thumbs up for the journey to begin. Whatever it is, I hope it’s good. Something that makes me smile.

If nothing happens, then I’ll just have to force a smile upon my face and hope all my dreams come true tomorrow (:.


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