Music is funny.

What’s the difference between a great album and an album you listen to all the time?

The question popped up in my head, after wondering about my true feelings for the new Mew album (No More Stories…). I love the album. It’s amazing, a true work of art. Mew does everything oh so right – but I feel like something’s missing, even though I’d give the album 9/10 no matter when you ask me.

I’ve come to the conclusion, that the problem is listenability. When it’s on, I adore the album. Every song is so perfectly made, so perfectly played that no person should disagree with that. My problem comes before all this adoring. It’s getting myself to put the record on the stereo that’s the problem. Had it for just over a week now, and the Grizzly Bear album I bought the day after has been “soundtrack of my day” quite a lot more. It’s not a better album in my opinion. It’s not ’cause I like Grizzly Bear more, nor did I like them before I liked Mew. Grizzly Bear’s album is older. So why?

Perhaps the real reason lies in my daily routine. I spend too much time on school, homework and sleeping. Perhaps I just don’t have the time to really enjoy a record at the moment? Right now I’m truly enjoying No More Stories… while thinking: how can I even get myself to write that I have trouble choosing it above other records?

I’m obviously the problem here. I sincerely hope I’ll choose No More Stories… above most other records in the future. It really is that good.


But I still do think I have a point. An album can be really good, but still not be the kind of album you really like. Danish band moi Caprice has made one or two albums that in my opinion are seriously great. But I don’t really like those two albums too much. I rarely ever listen to them. I love their first album, when I go through my stack of CD’s I always end up spending a lot of time thinking about putting it on the stereo. And it often ends up getting there. Funny thing is; those two albums that I rarely ever listen two – they are without a doubt better, more wholesome albums. More variety while still being more alike throughout, in a good way.

Alright, I admit it: I’m weird. I see that I have a problem.

Perhaps I should just stop buying new music for a while. That would actually do me good. I lack money. I haven’t listened to a Sigur Rós album for months, because of this constant flood of new albums entering my prementioned stack of CD’s.

Or maybe my taste in music is just changing.

5 latest bought records:
Grizzly Bear – Horn of Plenty
Mew – No More Stories
Jónsi & Alex – Riceboy Sleeps
Fever Ray – Fever Ray
Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavilion (no, it just took me a really long time to finally buy it)

It’s music that speaks – lyricwise (except Jónsi & Alex). Perhaps I’m getting into lyrics. Like, really getting into lyrics. Perhaps I’m no longer special (I was pretty much alone about liking Sigur Rós in my peer). Perhaps I’m just desperately waiting for a new Sigur Rós album, and don’t want to let them “get old” – which could come as consequence of constant listening. Perhaps I’m just tired. Not of them, but tired in general.

Perhaps I should end this, and put on a Sigur Rós album. That’d be nice.

Like, really nice.

( )


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