Inactivity in a box.

Why in a box?

Am I the only one who thinks “in a box” can save almost everything? Probably, yes. Well, to kick off a post, I’ll put up the question: why have I been so lazy lately? Why haven’t I written anything on this “my blog”? The reasons are many and few.

No 1: I have started school again. Did last Wednesday – that will be Wednesday last week, August 12th. It’s taking up quite a bit of my time, and to be honest: this blog was started during my summer break, meaning I had too much time to think of stuff to write – and then writing it. Now I only have time to think, no time to write. Or, as you might have noticed; only a wee bit of time – meaning this very instance.

No 2: I was at Beatday Festival on August 14th-15th. All the way in Copenhagen – meaning no laptop around to write down my deepest and most secret of thoughts on.

No 3: I’ve been listening to music these past days. Not just like “I’ll just throw a CD on the stereo”, no. More like “I’ll just lie down in total darkness and focus on the music. Finding inner peace (sounds so beautiful)”. Reason: just bought Mew’s new album (in case you haven’t been around to hear the extremely long title, then let me be your source to knowledge: No more stories/Are told today/I’m sorry/They washed away. No more stories/The world is grey/I’m tired/Let’s wash away.) It’s a must-have. Anyone who haven’t bought it yet: do so! DO IT! It’s an amazing record! – and then I still didn’t feel my inner crave for music had been completely satisfied, meaning I ended up buying Grizzly Bear’s “Horn of Plenty” the next day. Great to have 2 new albums to the collection – that way I won’t end up getting tired of any of them. I hope.

No 4: Pure laziness. Nothing more. Nothing less. Should have written something. Just a tiny message or something, but no. Too late now.


Was there last year as well. That was when I saw Sigur Rós live. They weren’t here this year. Heck, they weren’t anywhere but Iceland this year. Concert-off year for them. But that didn’t rule out a fantastic festival! Not in any way! I mean, Arctic Monkeys, Mew, Basement Jaxx, Florence + The Machine, Lykke Li, Oh No Ono, Efterklang and so, so much more! 2 days, 2 stages, 17 bands. Just an amazing event again, in this their 3rd year. One of my likings about this; I was there in year 2 and 3, giving me a bit of “that’s mine”-feel to it.

Choir of Young Believers started it all off on Friday. They made a great performance, giving everyone the chills – this is what we’re here for. Music. Then Efterklang took on the big stage, whilst the Sun did its best to get everyone to take off their shirts. A really nice concert. People lay in the grass, just enjoying the music and weather. A fantastic start. And it simply just kept on getting better and better. I met up with Signe (see: Iceland(ic)) and we had a really nice time during that first day. Ending with my arm around her during Comforting Sounds by Mew. I think that will be my highlight of this year’s Beatday (gosh, I’m such a sucker for the least bit of love between her and I).

Other memorable events was indeed Florence + The Machine. Man, a voice! Never heard anything like that before. Quickly, whoever you are, find a concert with those guys and get some tickets! It’s worth it! Oh yeah, and Temper Trap. Man, that’s my biggest disappointment of this year’s Beatday. Not because of them, ’cause they were quite amazing – but because of myself for missing out entirely except their last 3 songs. I had looked so much forward to seeing them, but missed my bus. Have to see them in full-length some other time!

Arctic Monkeys is a chapter of its own. Me and a friend of mine wanted to be in the first 3-4 rows. What a struggle that turned out to be! Last concert of this year’s Beatday. Everyone wanted to be up front. Quite funny, but man that was a sweaty concert! Never in my life have I jumped so much for so long. Unfortunately, it took away a bit of the pleasure of their music. Sooo, perhaps we should have just enjoyed their concert 10-15 rows behind. But hey, now we’ve tried being at the very front of an Arctic Monkeys concert!

Mew or Grizzly Bear – nope. I am indeed listening to Múm. Amazing music. I really do have a thing for Icelandic music, don’t I?

Don’t be afraid,
you have just got your eyes closed.


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