An actual song without lyrics.

Yes, a song can indeed be a beautiful one, without having lyrics.

(Sigur Rós “Untitled 1/Vaka”) One of the best songs ever made, if you ask me (which you didn’t, but you obviously came by to hear my opinion on something). It’s the song that kick-started my love for Sigur Rós (google the vid, it’s amazing). One of the few songs by which I recall the exact situation of when I heard it for the first time. Amazingly enough, MTV was my partner in crime. Never before had I heard such beautiful music. It spoke to me; though not in a language I understood (Jónsi’s own made up language, Hopelandic. Thus; no lyrics). But on another level. It drew me in. Wanted me to get closer, which I did. I ended up with my nose nearly touching the screen in pure amazement.

Uij, bug-interruption. One of my all-time hate things during summer: winged bugs believing your home is their home. Not that they are in any way harming. They’re just irritating. Going “sum-sum-sum” all night. I try to be the best I can towards all creatures in nature, but come on – they ask for it. After five air-punches less than an inch to the side of them, they ought to know what time it was: and thus move their butts out the window again. We all know not to tease or make fun of the huge, muscular, bald dude. Flyes, mosquitoes and the likes should just know not to tease giants. It’s not a smart move.

But was I talking about Sigur Rós? I believe I was. Darn, lost track of it all. I’ll get back to that on some other occasion! Perhaps already later in this post.

I thought everything went well, then I found out: it doesn’t. I feel fooled, messed around with and a bit angry. It’s gonna end up with me “cleaning up” and finding out who my true friends are. All for the best, I guess. Thing is, I liked those who have now disappointed me. And I know, I should probably have said my goodbyes to them a long time ago. But I’m not really good at that. I forgive people too easily. I’m not good at standing up for myself.

I watched Juno yesterday, and I think you could call me a duplicate of Paulie Bleeker. That good guy. A bit nerdy. The one that will do almost anything for one special person. And the one that really can’t handle other people being mad at him. He doesn’t understand why – I don’t understand why. Why? The million dollar question.

Long story short: she got the letter. I found out something really not nice about her.

My kick at the moment: going to Beat Day with my best friend in 10 days!

Music, music, music and more music. – oh, by the way: Sigur Rós played there last year, which is my greatest experience ever!

(Sigur Rós “Untitled 8/Popplagið”)


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