Like a song without lyrics.

Is that how I live my life?

Sometimes I wonder. I ask myself questions. Try to answer them. Fail to answer them. If I do in fact answer them, my answer is probably useless and has nothing to do with the real world. A song without lyrics – what does that even say? A song can be beautiful without having lyrics, the meaning is just a bit unclear. A song can be sung, though not consisting of lyrics at all. So what is a life, that’s like a song without lyrics? It’s a life that seems nice, that looks to be okay. A life admired  by many people; he’s got brains, he must live a fantastic life; she’s sooo popular, she must live a fantastic life. To be honest, I’m group one: the brainy type (I do consider myself popular too, but that’s because of my kindness and irresistible humor – or so I believe it is). People tend to think that I should have everything going on. That I can carry all loads in the world at once. But there’s one thing I really can’t make out just how to do: get myself a girlfriend (heck, I’d have better luck finding my feminine side and try to score guys instead).

How in the world do people do that? I think of myself as having good enough looks, better than most of the guys I see running around with a girl in their hand. I get a lot of eye-contact with girls too – but how in the world do people make that first move? My first move always leads a path straight into friendship. And if I finally find the guts to neeaarly mention my feelings for this girl, she’s already moved on; found some other guy. That makes me feel as if my chances are ruined. Why don’t I just tell the girl how I feel? Screw that other guy she’s found – it ought to be my turn; get back in line, mister! (I’m hereby going to live like that! … starting Monday.)

Because of the above, it’s tiring to hear people telling me how great a life I have; how much they would love to own my brains; how glad they’d be to walk around as me. NO, you wouldn’t want that. It’s a living hell (probably not worse than most other lives, but tough enough for me). – and don’t get me wrong (!), I love to be me. I’ve got potential. I’d just love to have a clue about things once in a while.

So, I consider myself a song without lyrics. I’ve got all the surroundings – I just need that sweet, sweet love story in between, telling the tale of how a young man ended up with the love of his life.

I sincerely hope the writer hasn’t called in sick, when the tale is to be written.

I’ll just be another beautiful song with no real meaning to it.


One thought on “Like a song without lyrics.

  1. Songs don’t necessarely need lyrics, trust me.
    The same counts the other way ’round too. If life’s a song and a girl is lyrics: live your song to the fullest, ask for lyrics once and a while and just enjoy them but don’t expect them to be the right lyrics to your song right away. If you find the right lyrics, you’ll just know.
    A song with no lyrics has deep meaning when you care enough about the song.
    I hope this all comes a bit clear, but if not, all I want to say is:
    Love just happen -ask girls out but don’t expect love from them and just keep doing the things you do.

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