One of the greatest things I know. Simplicity. Keep it simple. Why go the long way around when you can take a short-cut? Why make things seem harder than they actually are? Why the eagerness to force everything into a challenge?

oh Timebomb
oh Timebomb

(The Whitest Boy Alive “Timebomb”) One of the most simple songs, and yet one of my favorites. A few (or a single) well-chosen words can make a complete song. So why the need for more words? I see why, when a story is being told. But what I don’t get, is the immense usage of non-contributing words in radio-pop music. Seems to me as if those artists just try to hard to fit in too much. Keep it simple.

My thought when choosing a design for this blog was: find something simple… I found it. My room is indeed simple – no need to mention the mess – and so is my laptop. Me as a person – simple? I think so. For me I am quite simple. Other people say that I’m a bit mysterious, though. That I try to hide behind my humor (comparison made to Chandler, FRIENDS) so no one really gets to know the inner me. Perhaps that’s right… I do tend to just throw in a joke, when talking about myself – which is really rare, since I’m quite the listener and all in all dislike to talk about myself. Dunno why. I’m just not that good at telling stories about my life. Not because it’s in anyway tragic or that kind of stuff. I just like to hear about other people, instead of just thinking ’bout my own life.

Got a bit of a network problem right now, otherwise I would’ve uploaded a picture, showing my style of photographs. Simple. Taken with the phone. Near midnight. Often featuring me and the light from a streetlamp. It makes for some really nice orange/dark pictures. Some call it emo, others like it – then again, some say it’s a bit egocentric taking pictures of myself. I don’t give much thought to that – if people didn’t know it was me, they probably wouldn’t recognize me at all. Could have been any person – I just like the frame: person alone in the night, nothing to keep him/her warm but the light from a streetlamp. It really does make for some great pictures! I’ll upload one at some other time…

Now, though, I think I’m better off sleeping than writing. Got nothing special to do once I wake up, but if I don’t go to sleep, my diural rhythm will end up being smashed.

…and I think I’d better keep it simple.


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