Weird dreams make me think. – I had one last night, it was s.t.r.a.n.g.e. Dreams can be funny, dreams can be terrifying. Dreams can seem healing and destroying. Then again, there are two kinds of dreams. The ones that come during sleep and your daydreams. I’ve got an interesting quote linked to the latter, it is – of course – from a song.

Is a dream a dream if it doesn’t come true?

(moi Caprice “Berceuse”) At first glance, most people would probably answer; yes? But take a deeper look into the question. In my mind, the question is formed in a way that makes the last use of “dream” a “good thing” – “something that makes us happy”. Whilst the first is a daydream, “something we chase” – “what we want to become”. Thus saying (i.e.) “is dreaming for money a good thing if that dream doesn’t come true?” Personally, I have to give credit to the band, moi Caprice, for asking this very banal question.

Do we want to dream of stuff if it doesn’t come true? The girl/boy that’s waaay out of ones league? The chief position in a company, that we all know will go to the director’s son? The chance of not doubting one second during a lifetime, though it’s all too clear that we will? Isn’t it just disappointment after disappointment? Do we really want that? Are we humans programmed to pursue happiness, though given very little chance of ever catching it? I’m beginning to think so.

Turns out, it might be the question without an answer, which is why I’m so absorbed by it. I can’t stop thinking until I find the answer – got that problem with a lot of questions.

I know this is rather short, not-action-filled, not particularly great – but it’s all I had in me today.

Leita að ágætis byrjun
En verð að vonbrigðum

(Sigur Rós “Hjartað Hamast (Bamm Bamm Bamm)” – I look for an alright start, but it becomes a disappointment.)


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