Silly boy.

At last. I finally did it. Signed up for a blog. Thought I’d be able to keep myself away from this stuff, but no. It had to end some day. This day. July 3, 2009. The day I became a blogger. Alright, I’ve blogged before. But that’s already too far away in the past, for me to even recall what I blogged about. Something not very interesting – that I know.

Well, better give the usual blog-introduction, stating this is about me, myself and I. Not my better half. I don’t believe in that stuff – a better half. There is no such thing as better halves. If one half’s bad, then the other half will be drawn down. You don’t eat half a pizza, saying; man, that was AWFUL! – then ending up being pleased with your meal, because the other half did a great job. No. It’s a myth. Is one half bad, then the other half is no better. If one half’s good, then the other half is good as well. Or perhaps that’s just the lack of sleep taking control of the writing.

Anywho, I was introducing myself (get used to “anywho” – it’s an injury I’ve got. Sorry). If people ask me; what do you love most in this world? – I will answer them “music”. Every time. I love music. It’s an addiction. I’ve got music in my head all day long. If not because of some speakers that blast it through my ears, then because I go around singing, whistling, humming. I cannot stop. I constantly search for new music. Up-and-coming bands, artists. It’s not as if I haven’t got enough music already. It’s not as if I haven’t been to a concert that blew me away – a concert that wanted to tell me: you shall not go to any other concert in your life. – but all it did was to give me an urge to experience that thing again. That excitement. That state of not-knowing-whether-you’re-dead-or-alive. *cough*it was a Sigur Rós concert*cough*

Oh, I followed another path away from what I intended to write: the introduction.

Perhaps, just perhaps, my introduction will end up being… yes: consider my introduction as a bit stretched out. For every new post I make, you’ll get to know a bit more about me. About who I am, what I do. – what I think.

My name is Nicolai, nickname is Bitzie.
This is my blog.


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