I’ll end up being addicted to this stuff. Just around 10-12 hours since my last blog-entry and I’m already back. Too warm to be outside, too little stuff to do inside. Blog it is.

Inspiration came to me as lightning from a clear blue sky. Sæglópur began playing on the stereo, and I couldn’t stop myself from entering write-mode. The song is so emotional.

Has returned home
A lost seafarer

Has returned home
A diver comes

(sung in Icelandic) It’s one of those songs where you can really feel the music. You know it wants to tell you a story, and though you might try to break away, because you’ve got an important meeting in minus 5 minutes, you can’t. It won’t let you go. That’s the feeling Sigur Rós give me every time. They’re just that talented.

It always makes me think of this girl I know. She’s more important to me, than most other things in the world. Known her for a bit more than a year now. Only spend time with her once – we live in different parts of the country – but texted with her every day. I’ve written letters to her – not many. Just once in awhile, so it’s special whenever I write her a new one. I wrote her one the other night. My problem right now; she’s leaving for Iceland in about 12 hours, and I DO NOT KNOW if she will get the letter in time. Otherwise I’ll just have to wait 13 days for her reaction. It’s okay, but it’d be better if she got the letter in time.

I actually think the letter was what led me to signing up for a blog. When you start writing something by own will, you’ll get into it. You’ll want to write more. In my case I just needed a place to express myself – in other manner than when I wrote the letter. I’ve actually felt quite peaceful all day. Perhaps it has already started working? Moving thoughts from the mind to a less occupied platform here.

Anywho, this post is going somewhere not interesting. To make matters  worse, I’m gonna’ quote another Sigur Rós song, Svo Hljótt, which has just begun playing.

I lean against you, in calm
Everything stood still, and you

You sang to me so quietly
You sang to me so quietly

In the moonlight I see you, hunched over
In the moonlight you turn into blue dusk

I thank you for the hope you have given me
I thank you for the hope…

(of course; song in Icelandic) Another really (or weally – got a Monty Python-thing “welease Bwian”) great song from the Icelandic quartet. What I like the most about it, and hate myself for ruining all the time; the fact that it’s song in Icelandic, and, given that I’m not from Iceland, I therefore do not understand a word of what the lead singer is screaming out through the speakers. It makes your mind go nuts. In a good way. You desperately want to know what it’s about, but are still glad that you’re truly able to make up your own story about the song. It can fit your mood at any time. When you’re feeling down and low, or when you’ve just experienced one of the wonders of life and want to sing about it.

That must be enough to satisfy my writing-needs for now. Hope she’ll get the letter.

I lean against you, in calm.


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